Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NBA rejected Brittney Griner??

Which brings us to our question: Could Brittney Griner one day play in the NBA?She seems to have some of the tools. She's 6'8" and growing, is just 16 and, from the limited footage that I've seen of her, looks pretty quick on her feet and comfortable with the ball. With a few solid years of coaching, you'd have to at least consider it a possibility, right?Well, no. And here's why: While Griner's 6'8" frame might make her the swat-blocking Gheorge Muresan of Texas women's high school basketball, it would mean nothing in the NBA. Can you imagine her trying to defend someone as athletic and strong as Rudy Gay or Andre Iguodala? It would be impossible.I'm still convinced that the first woman to play in the NBA will actually be a short, lightning-quick point guard with great decision-making skills and a jumpshot.

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