Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Future is Finally Here-Brittney Griner

No one knows yet how big. While Griner was having partially torn ligaments in her right ankle examined about a month ago, her father had doctors x-ray her growth plates. The plates still are about a half inch apart, the elder Griner said, and she could grow to about 6-9 or 6-10 by the time she graduates from high school. Right now, she's all limbs, with arms that extend like a cast fishing line. Raymond Griner is only 6-2, but says a strain of height runs through the Griner bloodlines, including a pair of non-hooping nieces who are about 6-7.

Size alone doesn't tell the tale of Brittney Griner. Size, combined with how fluid an athlete she is, blows the mind. She can beat most guards down the floor, and often tries to. Griner once ripped a rebound off the glass against the Alabama RoadRunners, dribbled the length of the floor and, with the crowd practically begging for an aerial exhibition, delivered a layup because she had to factor in a change of direction. She is nimble, rather than forceful, around the basket and not yet strong enough in the lower body to hold her ground against leveraged defenders or in the upper body to battle the multiple defenders who hang off her arms like extra appendages. In an effort to address some of that, Raymond Griner has converted his dining room into a workout station for Brittney, complete with treadmill, stationary bicycle and other assorted exercise equipment.

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