Thursday, April 16, 2009

HOT NEWS : The extraordinary Susan Boyle's on Britain's Got Talent

Today the American media couldn't get enough of the extraordinary Susan Boyle's recent triumph on Britain's Got Talent. There seems to be no doubt that Ms. Boyle is on her way but surely no one could have predicted how quickly the hangers-on would start hanging. And not just any hangers-on but bona fide celebrities like Demi Moore and her 15-years-younger husband Ashton Kutcher.

Miss Boyle, of course, has more artistic talent in her throat than the Kutchers have in both of their pampered and groomed bodies combined. Demi confessed to being moved to tears by Ms. Boyle’s performance of I Dreamed A Dream after her husband urged her to view the video clip, as reported by the Daily Telegraph.

Boyle, a 48-year-old Scottish charity worker, electrified viewers with her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Miserables during Saturday's launch show of the third series of the ITV1 reality talent search.
The clip of her performance has become a global YouTube hit, being replayed on other websites and television stations around the world.
Latest figures show that the Britain's Got Talent section of the website had attracted 500,000 page impressions between midnight and around 10am today, with visitors up by 147% year on year and video views jumping a huge 500%.
In a sign of the speed with which Boyle has become a global sensation, viewings of her video clip on YouTube leapt from 1.5m to more than 5m in under 24 hours. So far, assorted clips of Boyle's performance have been watched more than 11m times on YouTube.
Online, Boyle has been one of the top five most talked-about subjects on the microblogging site Twitter all week, with the Hollywood actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore - who between them have nearly 1.5 million followers - raving about her.
But surely these young and hip celebs have heard even live performances by extraordinary singers? So what was this reaction all about?
It seems to have something to do with the way Miss Boyle looks or acted.

When Miss Boyle self-assuredly walked out onto the large empty stage to face her judges, the camera zoomed in on a young woman in the audience with a look of disgust on her face.
The judges played up expressions of disbelief -presumably that a non-cosmetized woman in non-hip garb with a non-Demi body had the nerve to accept their invitation to perform? But somehow she had been chosen from the multitudes to be on the show.
Miss Boyle, in fact, consistently exuded a natural self-confidence backstage, onstage, and afterstage no matter what she was doing in the video clip. No sign of nerves, or doubt, that I could detect. The mainstream question of course is will she superficially transform -and maybe with the Hollywood-blessed help of the Kutchers.
Who cares? Miss Boyle has a voice that is one in a million -and she knows it.

HOT NEWS : The extraordinary Susan Boyle's on Britain's Got Talent

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