Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Andy Dick : Andy like Dick?

Andy Dick : Andy like Dick?

Founded from other website saying that Andy Dick doesn’t just act like a dick, he *ahem* likes it too. Wouldn’t be so interesting if he claimed only to be straight.

These are the pics from Perez’s website, and I’ll post what his reader Jack MeHoffhassle Jr said when he submitted them:

“I was at the Viper Room [in Los Angeles] to watch a band called “Nick Dixon”. We were all drinking, watching the show and having a great time. About half way through the show Andy Dick walks in….shitfaced…and i mean SHITFACED. It wasn’t five minutes before i saw him sucking face with this other dude. So here’s the pic! I included another pic of Andy that same night with some random chick, just so you can see that it really was him. Too funny.”

Andy Dick : Andy like Dick?

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