Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Edison Chen Scandal : 9 arrests but police still have no clue??

After 9 arrests, police still have not sent sex photos for ruling
Police have not sent any of the celebrity sex photos at the centre of the three-week-old scandal to the Obscene Articles Tribunal for classification, although nine people have been arrested and three of them charged, it emerged yesterday....
Police drop nude photos case; accused hails public
The first man arrested over the celebrity sex-photos scandal was freed yesterday when the charge against him was abruptly withdrawn after he had spent two weeks behind bars....
Moral wilderness
There's nothing like a juicy sex scandal to give society a good shake. A good sex scandal is one that gets everyone talking; one that tests and redefines our values. Some can't wait for all the intimate details, others pretend they're not interested and still others shake their righteous heads in disgust. All this is good in that it magnifies our moral divisions, forcing us to grapple with awkward issues....

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